Genuine Spareparts

Safi Engineering Services stocks a huge range of genuine generator parts, ranging from common brands to much more obscure parts and makes. We pride ourselves on being able to supply the generator parts or parts that you need to keep your generator working. From engine control relays to water pumps, diodes and resistors – Safi offers an unparalleled selection of various generator parts, all backed up with expert knowledge and superb customer service. Safi Engineering Services has developed a reputation for expertise in the arena of generator spare parts.

Perhaps you’re looking for filters or fan belts, or maybe you’re seeking control panel parts or alternator spares – whatever kind of generator spare parts you need, you have the best chance of sourcing them with Safi. Decades of experience have helped us to build a reputation for excellence in the provision of generators and generator spare parts. Our breadth of experience and long-standing contacts mean we can supply parts for even the most obscure makes. At Safi, we have a huge depth of knowledge which enables us to provide diesel generator parts to clients up and down Afghanistan. Choose Safi for the most straightforward, hassle-free and reliable way to ensure your generator runs smoothly.

Genuine parts

Direct from Perkins.

Peace of mind

12 month warranty