Safi Engineering, established in 2004, is one of the Leading Manufacturing and Suppliers of Energy and Industrial Equipment such as Diesel and Portable Generators, Cogeneration Systems, Solar Energy Products, Liquid Storage Solutions, and Transformers. We also provide After-Sales Services to our customers with our well-experienced and skilled engineering team, who install and maintain supplied equipment. Our clients and customers include factories, Utility Providers, Private and government Contractors, Construction Companies, Airports, and Government and Private Sectors.

We are a specialist service group that caters to the exact requirements of clients using advanced technology, talented teams of multi-disciplinary professionals, and well-established models and standards.

Safi Engineering has a proven track record of more than 18 years of experience in providing innovation and customer satisfaction across various industries ranging from Small to large-scale enterprises and corporations.

Safi Engineering provides the necessary know-how to power all systems and studies, selects the required equipment, and designs to the required specifications. We also provide turnkey solutions and integration engineering (design, installation, and commissioning) for emergency and continuous power supply. We provide the whole turnkey solutions from project documentation and installation of Safi Power Products on the sites.